America in Foreclosure

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We, America, Americans, are in trouble.

Our foreign policy has us painted as the worst bully on the block. There were other bullies at one time, fighting to keep their corner of the street, but now that we are the only bully left, it seems that we want to provoke otherwise-non-bullies into being bullies so that we can keep ourselves in the bully game.

As if that weren’t bad enough…

If you know me, you know what I do for a living.

In the last few weeks the new call de jour is the foreclosure conversation. I’m not so much worried about the number of calls I take on that subject as I am worried about the number of calls I don’t take which concern foreclosures.

* I am one interpreter out of about 500 for Spanish alone.

* My company employs interpreters for almost 30 different languages.

* There are other interpretation companies.

* Then, of course, there are the vast greater majority of calls that never require interpreters because the client and the loan officer speak the same language.

America is in foreclosure.

I saw the cause, first hand when I left Florida. My little 1400 square foot, ranch style house (tiny, but well kept, in a respectable neighborhood) sold for $245,000. I bought it for $70,000. Under no circumstances is that little, cute, well kept, house worth $245,000. The young couple who bought the house explained that they wanted to live in the area where my home was located because the elementary, junior high, and high school for that area were rated A+, and they wanted their children to go to those schools. And it was the only home currently on the market in that area anywhere close to what they could afford.

Half of me was euphoric at the profit I was going to make.
The other half of me knew I was going to Hell for the profit I was about to make.

You can guess which half won.

My sale and subsequent purchase here in Puerto Rico was perfectly timed (although purely by chance) to be just in advance of the arrival of the housing boom bubble in Puerto Rico. It burst months after my purchase here.

America is in trouble.

Everyday I speak to people who are about to call their car their home.
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