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An excerpt from an old piece.

Published by jvanderstam107 in the blog jvanderstam107's blog. Views: 28

Here is an excerpt from a piece I had written about a terrible decision to try being a door-to-door salesman. This is shortly after I quit my first job, which I held for three years. It is just a tiny sample:

~The trainer guy, Vic, had said to dress for the weather, but what did that translate to in the business environment. After all — air conditioning, 12 leather chairs, a white board, fully illustrated sales binders and marble front desk, a middle aged secretary and three private offices with retractable blinds — it had to be a business, a reputable one at that. As far as I was concerned — a reputable business had an image to uphold. Therefore Joshua Vanderstam would wear a tie for the reputable business.~
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