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Before I start writing anything, I would like to point out one little thing. A while back I posted a continuation on a story I posted in the novel section here (see this link), seeing as editing the original post would exactly draw much attention. So when I waited patiently for a review, even just a couple of friendly words of advice, only to find nothing, I was rather disappointed. This is, after all, a forum dedicated to writing and reviewing. I understand that people have lives, and can't just put everything on hold to review something for a stranger, but when you join a website meant for that purpose exactly, there should be a bit of a commitment. Yes this may seem childish, and I realize I'm not very well known by the denizens of this forum, but come on! Other people post stories and such to their blog, and they don't get brushed off like yesterday's garbage. So, in the end, I guess all I am trying to say is don't review just because that is the only way to post stories outside of a blog, review because you are kind and don't mind helping out a random stranger. This now leads back to my personal motto, (and I hope it is the same for many others) "random acts of kindness."


Now, onto new business. I have taken up making video games. Not regular flash games that you can find on any old website, but actual games. I've been using a program called RPG maker 2003. I personally think it is awesome!

/product placement.
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