chicagoliz Jun 14, 2012
Hi, Matt!
I feel your pain. I'm in close to the same place as you, although I haven't sent out any query letters. My hope was to find an agent at a writing workshop or seminar. I kind of had all my hopes pinned on getting into this one particular workshop that was recommended to me by a writer. You had to apply and submit a writing sample, though, to be accepted into this particular workshop and the writer had encouraged me to apply. So I applied. And I was rejected. Then I was sad and I had no plan.

Now I'm trying to figure out ways to get feedback. I'm trying to find a worthwhile seminar/workshop that sounds good, that is reasonable for me to travel to, and on dates when I can arrange things so that I can get to them. I'm also trying to join some local writer's groups to get some feedback, but the problem is that you can only get feedback on 5 or 10, maybe 20 pages. Right now, since I need a feedback fix, I'll take anything I can get.

One day I'll brave the query letter.
Best of luck to you.