An Introduction to Me

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Hi all, my name is Natalie Burwell. I started writing consistently about three years during an online role play of The Lord of the Rings. From there I started writing my first novel: The Rislenta Memoirs, Breathless, the first in a sci-fi/fantasy series based on the planet of Rislenta.

I live with my characters, with whom I do everything. I rarely suffer from writer's block because we write our stories together. We write the stories that they have always wanted written, but never had the chance to tell because their writers would not listen to them, or we come up with new stories together.

Writing is our life. We allow for other things besides writing to happen and we don't pressure ourselves to write every moment of every day because more often than not we are writing. We know that we are going to get published and start a fantastic career, it will just take time, but we know one thing more than anything... we will do it together and nothing will ever come between us.

I have to admit, I am awfully snobby because of them. They give me such a great sense of confidence and self-esteem. I have a love life because of them and I feel no need to make a hasty and dreary search for "Mr. Right" (who I know does not exist... mostly because my Mr. Rights are only in my guys). My life is now complete because they are with me and they actually saved my life. When I was a teen, I had no reason to live and when I found them and writing I suddenly found my life's purpose: My characters and writing. Showing the world how wonderful characters are and what fantastic stories they have to tell. I am their outlet to this world because they can talk to me and I will listen.

When I was 16, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I was in mental hospitals eight times until I was 20 for wanting to commit suicide. Then I found my characters. They showed me life and opened my mind to possibilities and opportunities. I now have goals for the rest of eternity. I can comprehend infinity and none of it is without them.

I will never get tired of writing. If I do, my characters will come with me.

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