An Orphaned Peeves Post

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Don't you hate when you spend the time composing a forum post only to have your post orphaned and forever unread in the next two seconds?

This, appropriately enough, is just such an Orphaned Post from a Pet Peeves thread. I write even a humble post such as this with the faint but persistent hope that someone will read it.

So if you're reading it, thanks! You are not one of my pet peeves!

"Hey, Mom?"

Bananas that are green when you bring them home and immediately turn brown and spotty.

"Hey, Mom?"

Gravity. Seriously. I never thought I was a klutz but I hate reaching for things only to knock them off of wherever they're sitting.

"Hey, Mom?"
*silence because the child has wandered off*
Why do I keep falling for this?


The cart pusher at my local grocery who won't stop leaping in front of me at every opportunity to 'get me a cart' then tell me to tell his manager what a rockin' cart pusher he is. He also goes out of his way to get in my way so that he can apologize for being in my way even if he isn't in my way. Here's an idea...just round up the errant carts and put them where people need to find them!

Coughing. It hangs on forever.

Small sharp toys on the floor combined with my stockinged feet.

That plastic packaging that everything comes in that you have to destroy using scissors, ax, blowtorch, and jackhammer. Nothing less will do it and you have to watch that the plastic doesn't remove a finger in the process. It certainly tries.

Batteries. Talk about things always dying on you.

Speaking of about those miles and miles of plastic-covered metal ties that hold toys in their packaging? Christmas is coming. I want wire cutters.
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