an unbreakable love

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I would like to walk 18 years back, to the day, I got a shelter for this breathless and innocent soul. The unbearable cold was replaced by a warmth mingled with love you bestowed me by which our camaraderie became more stronger.
Day by day when your affection towards me was growing up. I began to feel your warmth …I began to listen to your sweet words.I began to get stimulated by a single touch of your warm fingers. I smiled when you were thinking of me…I cried when tears dropped down from your eyes.I felt somnolent when you were playing a soft melody in the piano,which I loved the most to listen to.sometimes the enchanting lullabies you whispered made me fall into long sleeps which lasted for hours.neither smiled nor played.when I wake up back,I always noticed your graceful mere of eyes full of tears overflowing and wondered why you became sensitive so..i always determined not to sleep after your hums,but that happened even without my knowledge.i didn’t like you kicked your belly with my toes and whispered your ears to cuddle me again.that always worked and your eyes started sparkling with an overjoyed smile.
I wanted to own you more than anything won’t believe how much I used to hate that handsome man who was with you most of the time.whoever it was I didn’t like him touching me even through your heart was suffering with the feeling that he was going to take you away from me .you should have talked
For the first time he touched me or caressed me through you, I became so angry and started blowing him with my foot. I never succeeded because every time I did so, you two used to laugh more than ever. Was it that much joyful.?. After a few times of trying to make that person away from us, I closed my eyes to fall asleep purposely because I couldn’t bear that puzzling thought anymore. But later on somehow I started preferring to see you two cuddling me, smiling and laughing together.
Seconds, minutes, hours passed sooner making our bond unbreakable. I felt the hardship you bore for me…my love for you couldn’t be expressed to the maximum so my heart wanted to show that after coming out in to your warm arms. Finally I got to feel that you were going to take me out as a long journey to experience the life you had described me .I still remember how I lost my breathe at once due to that unbearable pain. I could also feel how you prayed god not to hurt me…I knew that you were suffering more than I did. So, until my turn to scroll out I began to caress your inner belly softly with my tiny fingers. As I knew you loved me doing so…Finally it was my few minutes to peep through…I put all effort to scroll out as soon as possible because I didn’t want to see your eyes full of tears when I came out…I closed my eyes and kissed the inner walls for the last time. I felt really bad as I was leaving my long time shelter but the passion to feel the warmth in your arms made me do my duty soon.
Do you know I got so much hurt when the person who helped you to take me out striked my back heavily. I had never felt such a hard ship, not even in the incident your belly striked when you hit the floor when I was inI cried loudly as much I could and I wanted to come into your arms as soon as possible.i couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw you in the white smiled at me as if you had won whole universe.your enormous love was getting penetrated through your swan like long eyes which I loved the most.
I tried to look around as much as I could when I felt a close feeling near a certain person who gazed with a loving smile with blushed face with sweat all over..ah!that was my boxing partner to whom I had got used to kick whenever he came to you.he took me into his chest and kissed me gently and when his lips touched my forehead I could smell him as I had known him from a long long time.for the first time I felt a warmth similar to yours in his chest and no more fear was there in me to be expressed by crying..
My dear momma…you are my life…since I felt my first breath..i would not have been here if you didn’t love me so…
please forgive me my dear papa…I couldn’t feel you like I did my amma in my first breath..…but when I was taken into your arms for the first time..i could smell you and I could feel your love…
I’ll be your loving daughter for seven souls and even after then…I won’t leave you because you two are my sole owners…
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