An update on my never ending work of art.

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Well, I thought perhaps it was time for an update. I haven't written a word since my last blog, and I don't feel bad about it. (okay, maybe a word, but not many, and not in any particular order) It has given me time to reflect and ponder what needs to go in, what needs to be changed. As some of you may know, my novel is broken into two books, and I had someone read the entire first book, along with two chapters from the second book, and I received a wonderful review. The things I meant to be funny, shockingly, made them laugh out loud. The characters I wanted to be despised were taken that way, the ones I wanted to be loved, were loved. The best part was, when they finsihed reading, they got mad that I didnt let them finish the book. :) The book is essentially complete, it could be read as is, at 70,000 words. However, there are some things I think need to go in, and some scenes that need to be elaborated to make it even better. Now that the weather has turned cold, and things are slowing down for my family, I should be able to find more time to write and to complete it. I cant wait to let some more people read it, and see thier reaction. So far, everyone has enjoyed it. I mean, it's not the greatest work of all time, but it's an entertaining story that you can get attached too. And that's all I wanted to accomplish with my first try. So, Happy Holidays, I hope my next entry will be about how I finally wrote the last word. (on the first draft...)
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