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Announcing the WF Development Blog

Published by Writing Forums Staff in the blog Writing Forums Staff's blog. Views: 325

Welcome to the WF Development Blog.

We are currently working on major long-term and short-term plans for WritingForums.org. The intent of this blog is to provide previews of planned improvements, to gather feedback on proposed changes, and to engage the community in the development of this forum. This blog will act as a development roadmap, and as a way to vet new ideas before implementation.

This blog may also feature tutorials, information on behind-the-scene operations, and policy changes.

Currently, We already have a small development team that proposes, discusses, and helps implement new ideas. This blog is an extension of that development process. If you’re interested in helping shape WritingForums.org over the next year, please follow this blog. There will be sneak peaks, but you can also have a voice in deciding the future of this website.

Expect more details on what we're working on next week. Since this is the first post, here’s a small glimpse of what we’re working on and considering:
  • [Implementing] Optimizing forum design for better usability, speed, and new user registration
  • [Planned] Overhaul of the Article and Blogging sections
  • [Design & Development] Implementation of a Private and Group Critiquing System
Expect more details on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.

Thank you for reading.
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