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Annoying Atoll.

Published by Londoner in the blog Londoner's blog. Views: 55

Wake up 8.30ish. Decadence. Tea biscuits and dogs in bed. I have to get up. I need baccy. The Toowowah who normally just doesn't do mornings wants to come. Damn. I can't leave her outside the shop. In spite of what my sons say I know she is a highly desirable valuable animal. Check to see what neighbours are home. Phone Val. Answerphone.
Me: I know you're home Val, I can see your car. Get up you lazy cow - answer your phone.

Just to be sure she's got the message, I call her mobile. No answer. Decide to give up smoking.

Ten minutes later, my phone rings. Its Val. She's apparently broken a couple of ribs, and suffering from vertigo. Yeah. Right. She really needs to lay off the juice. I tell her to ring me if she needs anything and put the phone down quickly.

Put the Toowowah in a rucksack, the rucksake in the bike basket, and pedal over to the corner shop. If anyone asks, she is not a dog. She is a guffin. The Collie stays outside to guard the wheels.

Luckily - there is a man in a suit, Atoll is obviously trying to impress him. He glares at me, but can't say anything, not without drawing the man's attention to the Toowowah. Rose serves me with a dirty look.

I'm thinking of getting a tame doctor to swear blind I'm a hopeless agrophobic and need the dog to enable me to sallie forth.

Home again. Now what - housework or polish the novel?
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