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Anonymous Fame

Published by Iain Aschendale in the blog ...from a dark place. Views: 248

So I got the news yesterday that she's one of a kind.

Probably going to be famous, in a carefully anonymized way.

You know, like Henry Molaison was.

H. M.

Of course, odds are that her fame will be posthumous, while H. M.'s condition was well-known, except, of course, to him, during his lifetime.

See, the docs, and these are good docs, some of the best in the country, not just local G.P.s or corpsmen, say that one of her cancers is extremely rare.

Like, one in ten or twenty million rare.

One of her cancers is extremely rare. So the other one should be easy, right?

The other one has probably never been seen before.

These are top doctors at a top hospital.

They'll do their best, and their best will be the best, but no matter what the outcome, they'll still be writing papers about it.

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