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Another Christmas, another project

Published by MJLowson in the blog MJLowson's blog. Views: 83

Hi all,

It's been a hectic few months with university terms starting up again but I managed to complete the draft on A Question of Trust which came to roughly 36-37,000 words but having read it it's looking good :)

Christmas 2011 also marks a year since I bought WYON (which I now use when writing my novels but still a paper and pen are just as priceless!)

I've also began a new WIP with the current title 'Assassination' which is set in the UK. It's a political storyline (I read politics at A-Level). Being home for the holidays and in front of the PC is the perfect time to get cracking!

Anyway, got to be off now.

Merry Christmas to you all,

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