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Another day another day....

Published by midwestwife in the blog Wicked Writing Wife. Views: 99

There is an empty river bed,
Where water should be rushing through,
Dried leaves and trash won’t move.
A currentless waste land.
Broken branches lie
Torn from life
Senseless beginning to end
Broken broken broken
the promises made by mother-nature.
Longing for life, but listless still.
Nothing to feed or house the beauty of life.
An empty grave, a hollow womb.
Can we say goodbye?
We never got to say hello.
No name, nothing, and still nothing.
The world is big, but you were so small.
I am left wondering if you were ever here at all.

I lost a pregnancy in June. This is the first thing I have written since. I know I need to write. So here it is. I am not interesting in corrections. So I blogged it.
I am going to spend my day doing reviews and seeing what I can do to write again. My heart is still broken. I have faith I can find myself again.
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