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Another Day, Another Dollar: A Rant

Published by Charis in the blog Charis's blog. Views: 91

Okay, so it's another day, another dollar. Getting lost in a year's worth of files and papers is the excitement of joining the workforce. I have the comfort of an enclosed, white niche and a computer that shuts down every 15 minutes. The loss of sanity is the reward that awaits in every paper-flipping, socially-incapable business meeting...and the bonus pack includes a mental breakdown and a stiff paycheck.

I hate the workforce, co-workers and, all together, the job itself.

Sometimes I don't understand our society. At times I'd rather burrow myself deep in the middle of non-existence, outcast myself without technology, high social gatherings, and hypocrisy...but I would miss my home computer too much - writing in a notebook, my handwriting is quite scrabbly (that's not a word, I know.) and small. My teachers in grade school and onward have never really appreciated my papers just for that quality.

Anyway, I don't think it would work out - me and nature even in all it's beauty. I just wish my job stunk less...maybe I'll quit.

Love ya, dears.
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