Another day - another gaming session

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Okay. It's 0549 on Sunday and I've stopped by to post a rambling thought or two before going back to Fallout 3. If you've found my blog site, Terminal Gamer @, there's a short discussion about this title as well as Mass Effect 2 and a couple of others I play on a somewhat regular basis. I watched two episodes of that BBC show, Top Gear, one of favorite television shows and one I watch streamed from NetFlix. The Bugatti Veyron was on the first episode from season 13 and it was and is the greatest car ever built! Technologically speaking it screams AWESOME and as for the real factor of speed - it is second to none, literally. Beautiful, fast, and obviously a dream to drive the Veyron embodies all those manly qualities that once made driving so damned much fun for those of us who enjoyed tooling about in a Trans Am, Corvette or Z28, back in the day when American cars ruled the highways and byways of the nation they were produced in. Tons of metal and multi-decibel level exhaust systems reigned supreme, like dinosaurs bellowing into the night as they roared along effortlessly on cheap fuel and affordable rubber! Yep, I owned my share of fast cars and now I tell my wife that line from that tune by that band, " don't look a day over fast cars and freedom..." Our lives have slowed down a lot but as long those memories are alive and well, there will never be an old age that takes away the freedom of driving down a highway at ninety-plus miles an hour while the tunes scream from the eight track and your hair blows in the wind!

Goodnight, time to go and explore the town of Minefield!
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