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Another glum day in paradise

Published by Wreybies in the blog Ponderings of a Pachyderm. Views: 122

Two weeks.

It has rained for two weeks straight without letting up once. The Caribbean is under a baguada. A baguada is prolonged heavy, heavy rain. Some might argue that it is the monsoon, but the technical definition of monsoon leaves the Caribbean out for reasons so trifling I couldn't be payed to care. The end result is the same. Rain on top of rain with a side dish of rain after a main course of rain and before a wonderfully ample rain dessert. And after dessert? A hot cup of rain to wash everything down.

This is the satellite image I just pulled from NOAA. It gets updated every fifteen minutes, but it hasn't changed in two weeks.


And here is the same shot taken June 25 2010 at 6:15 pm:

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