Another problem with my life

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So about a week ago I made a blog entry on my relationship problems with one of my friends. This is a continueum of it, and I also have decided just to make my blog entries focused on one praticular thing? I havnt decided yet. If you have any ideas, please feel free to tell me!

So I did send her an apology, and since then I have left her alone. Just to give her a bit more room, I unfreinded her on a couple of things, partialy because I was feeling a bit resentful, and partily because I did want to give her more room. Today, I did get a reply back. It was like 'If you died, I wouldnt be at your funeral, I would be in jail because I killed the ones who killed you.' And a bunch of nice stuff like that. That made me feel considrably better, until I read the end. It was just a chain post, like send this to 5 more of your friends, and you will have good luck! Just to be nice, I sent the message back, because it said in one part: 'Repost back, if you feel the same way.' Trouble is, I dont think she does feel that way. I am feeling confused, a bit hurt, and angry I think? I dont really know what to do, I really want to tell her that is not worth anything, but I seriously dont know.

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