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Anxiety is a leash, don't let it choke you.

Published by Forinsyther in the blog Forinsyther's blog. Views: 153

Because of the people you've known; those who have hurt or betrayed you, you're going to have moments in your life where you question things. Anxiety will swell your paranoia, it will try to convince you that you're doing terribly, or that the people you're around don't love you. They'll show up abruptly and occasionally, for some it might be enough to cripple mentally.

But let me tell you something; the anxiety and questioning thoughts are fucking bullshit, they're not real, they're not accurate. I hate it when my mind attacks me like this, I feel so destructive, to the point where I feel like leaving. If you ever feel the same way, don't do it, ride the thoughts out. You can do it, you're a human being, you're strong enough to fight, the mind is incredible.

It's not the voice of reason, it's nothing but a selfish lie that your anxiety is telling you. There is always someone out there who loves you, it's not cliche, it's just a fact. Those friends aren't bored with you, you're not a burden, being alone now doesn't mean an eternity of loneliness. Anxiety is a leash, don't let it choke you.
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