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Any Video Gamers out there want to help me add more depth to this video game guide?

Published by michaelgavin2004 in the blog michaelgavin2004's blog. Views: 86

I have been working on a very in depth and step-by-step guide on winning in franchise mode in Madden NFL 2008. The guide is about how to beat the AI in franchise mode and take your team to the next level. Being an avid gamer and hopeless Madden addict myself, I know that there are plenty of you out there who also probably play the game. Hey, writers like video games too.

I have ten steps so far, but I know that it could use a few more. Please your input and advice, and suggestions as fellow writers are crucial. Feedback is both encouraged and welcomed.

Guide links: http://www.guidespot.com/guides/cXBwEuBunpg6G9wYoTDi53

Thanks for this awesome forum – it is a must-have resource for all writers.
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