Apologies to my MC

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I feel really bad right now. I've realized that I've let my MC down. I just received some feedback -- really good, thoughtful feedback, from people who know their stuff. It was what I needed to hear, but not what I really wanted.

It turns out, that at least in my introduction, my MC is coming across as wimpy and unlikeable. How upset he'd be if he knew people thought this! I know he's not that way. How did I manage to make him come across as such? I'm the translator between him in my head and the outside world. I'm the one who needs to show everyone that he really is a good guy. I like him a lot. It's important to me that other people do, too. And I've let him down.

So now the real work begins. Revising. Editing. Chopping. Adding. I have to re-work this entire introduction. My whole story depends on an event in this introduction. This is some major reconstruction I've got to do. It is quite daunting. But I have to do it. I owe it to my MC.
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