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Are we too involved?

Published by DanesDarkLand in the blog DanesDarkLand's blog. Views: 117

I found myself publishing a very objectionable statement in my writing, and when I say publish, I really mean post. I had the idea for the event in my head, but with no frame of reference, and very little thought on my part (obviously), I wrote something without actually thinking about what it was I wrote.

After a couple of opinions were in, I had to read my piece again and again, not to see their points, but to find a way to write the idea without losing the flavor of what I wanted to convey. In the end, I ended up changing the idea to point to another outcome, or desired outcome. It wasn't that the event itself would be objectionable, but how the character felt about it.

The problem I really had, and still have in many other sentences, events, ideas, and scenes, is that because I wrote it, to change the words would erase the idea. Maybe the idea wasn't good enough in the first place? Maybe I shouldn't have wrote it?

I think that I become too personally involved in my writing that I take offense to solid and unbiased opinions with excellent points that I should take the time to consider.

The major thing I think that I will take from this site's lessons is the knowledge that I have to step away from the writing and be willing to take criticism, especially my own. Without that criticism, I will only write base stories that will never be ready for publication. If all I want to do is get the idea out of my head, then I'm on the right trail. If I want them published, I have to keep on learning, and try to understand that this isn't personal.

It's necessary.
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