Arrowhead island wildlife (So cliche it hurts)

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Wild life.

Arrowhead islands.

Heckling thunder cat, A large domesticated cat once a predatory creature. It can by found in the arrowhead islands different variations of the animal can be found in Savoa (three extra species in total.) This animal can be trained for riding and is a preferred mount for armies. They are a favourite due to the speed they can move at and the agility they are capable whilst carrying a person. They are an intelligent animal and very loving when raised by humanoids at birth. They are white with black chests and often have strips that run from nose to tail. Large teeth that protrude from mouth and Three horns protruding from their foreheads.
Horned Stabber, Wild beast that roams the mountainous regions of the wastes. They hunt in packs and can bring down pray twice there size. They are half the size of a human and tawny coloured. There aggression are noted by the Heckling as a species to steer clear of.
Ninchyn, A flightless water bird half the height of a human, the Ninchyn is often located in ocean shore areas and other masses of water. They burrow holes in the side of the earth by water and retreat to these areas in the heat of day. Nocturnal they hunt at night. The nynchyn is green and black with a bulky body and webbed feet.

large ox burdened with heavy horns they group together on dry grass plans they are black in colour with large heads and heavy skinned necks to protect against predatory attacks. They are a Heckling food source and are also farmed for eating.

Blood brood a small bird that groups with others of its species as the name suggests they are crimson in color. They are territorial and will fight birds that are not from their group off of their Teritorial areas. They eat small lizards and other birds. They also scavenge from wasteland corpses.

Small ticks that are found on grass and in sand. The tick's Saliva has a chemical that is acid like. The spittle burns a hole in the flesh of its victim making burrowing an easy task.

Hagar, A large lizard much like the goanna, they burrow in the desert lands and can often by found resting in the sun. They have jewelled scales on either side of their cheeks that are highly sought after for armour and jewellery. The rest of their body is grey in colour.
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