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At the bottom of the food chain...AGAIN!

Published by soujiroseta in the blog Souji's Time Spent NOT Procrastinating. Views: 110

Okay there's one thing that i've always wondered about the age thing with women. How important is age when she's looking for a guy?
i have spent the better part of my teenage years being attracted to girls my own age, dont know why:confused: anyway. ever since i was 13 or 14 i noted that girls my age tend to go for guys older than themselves. i was metaphorically at the bottom of the food chain. so i told myself, "Okay, i'll wait." until i was 18 when finally the younger girls<who i didnt like compared to the one my own age> seemed to take an interest in me. but as soon as i turned 18 i was shipped away to college where once again<you guessed it> i am at the bottom. it irritates me.
this anomaly, if i can call it that, got me thinking. which brings me back to my original question. How important is it to a girl that a guy be older than her? i know that girls mature faster than guys but that cant be helped because as adults we're basically on the same page now. i think. i don't know:(. i just needed to say that...whew...i need a rock to climb under.
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