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At the hour of our death

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Two Aussie guys in their twenties were executed in Indonesia last year for drug smuggling. Myron Sukumaran and Andrew Chan. They had been in a Bali prison for 10 years.
There was a feeling from some, that they got what they deserved as the damage they would do to drug users would've have been massive, immeasurable. And there were those who felt a life sentence would've have been more appropriate than facing a firing squad.
Can you imagine how you would feel being on death row? Being obsessed about execution day? Apparently they had to wear garments with a target over the heart so that the shooters got the right spot. And I heard that sometimes they miss and it takes longer to die. Imagine the agony of those last minutes. I'm thinking I would require a diaper or pad for the last month before execution day. Just absolutely petrified. Constantly pooing my pants. The level of anxiety would be through the roof. I'd be requesting benzodiazapams too but I guess they wouldn't agree to that, and the irony of asking for drugs when you are being executed for smuggling them. Apparently they became born again Christian, Chan a pastor I think.
They showed courage and remorse and went to their deaths with dignity in my view. They apologised for upsetting their grief-stricken family and for their wicked crime too. Who am I to judge these two guys? If I could show the same guts, at the hour of my death, I will be happy.
Imagine too, any of those tortured in war-torn countries before their deaths. How much courage is being shown right this second, somewhere in the world.Because violence and murder and torture are so common, such everyday ocurrences. We can at least send a short prayer to them now, no matter what our belief is.
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