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At work...

Published by nastyjman in the blog nastyjman's blog. Views: 148

Do you ever get that feeling - around one or two hours before getting off at work - that you need to do something but can't quite grasp what you need to do? You either wait until those final hours come, but it's excruciating since minutes seem like hours. So you try to look for a task, a job, even a little project will do. You look at it, weigh it and ponder if it's worth the next hour or so. Your co-workers look at you and imagine them saying, "jeez, he looks busy... very busy." But in reality, you're not - just weighing and pondering stuff.

So you turn around and look for another thing. But the feeling of idleness and incompetence shoots at your gut. You don't really panic - only sweat a bit. You should be doing something for chris'sake! Those tasks you skipped over at the start of the day begin to haunt you, creeping its critical hands towards you. You jump back, telling yourself, "Oh boy. Did I miss that?"

So you take on that project and work on it. Next thing you know, the clock is edging towards five o'clock - or whatever time you leave from work. As soon as it hits, the job is half done, but there's a bit of accomplishment altogether. You decide tomorrow is a new day, maybe you'll finish it by then...
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