Author's note on Chapter 36 snippet

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this section is actually the ending of the chapter, there is a lengthy scene before it that establishes a sub-plot for the next book, and moves the main plot forwards. However, that isn't what this is about.

As I wrote the chapter, and the book, I came to the realization that Kate was going to have to grow. She needed to put her self-destructive, suicidal arrogance aside and quit punishing herself. You see, she had punished herself over her friends dying for her. One had done it out of love, the second one happened because Kate was to cowardly to lead. Throw in the loss of her limbs/eyes and you have the capability for someone to be seld-destructive.

When the old man asked her if she was a 'bringer of life or of death' this was what he meant. Was she going to keep trying to get herself killed, in some masochistic desire to try to make up for friends' deaths...or would she rise above it? Would she decide to rise up and save humanity for what was coming?

With the decision she made today, will come a change in decision making. I doubt she will be so gung-ho to an extent, while still being the Kate everyone's totally up to her. However, this had to happen...she wasn't going to let me keep writing about her until she grew like this.

With that said, I hope you can understand where she is taking herself.

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