avoiding the salt

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Some days, I just feel so creative, others, I feel like the snails in my profile picture, inching along, praying no one pours salt on me :)confused:eek:r maybe thats slugs, but thats how uncreative I am today, I dont feel like verifying). Today started out promising, I woke up and had my coffee while the baby played, and the husband cleaned. (he likes it, he wasnt being made too) I sat at the computer and wrote in a couple of minutes what i thought to be a good poem. Then I piddled around, and enjoyed the husband being home (gotta love a four day weekend!) and I figured I'd be spending some time filling in the gaps of my novel. But there was nothing. Not so much nothing, I have the whole thing planned out, just no motivation to get to typing. Im in this phase where I want people to read something. I need validation that it is somewhat decent. That my characters are likeable, atleast the ones who should be. But that will come, when my thread gets unlocked, I should have some extra opinions besides just mine (which is that I'm doing okay) and the husbands (which is that I am a literary genius). I joke. I'm at a bridge now, where I have written so out of order, and half hazzardly, that I am trying to stick to the proper order. I am learning more about the characters, which is wierd, since I am thier creator. My lead male was supposed to be nothing more than basically eye candy for the reader, and something for my widowed lead to latch onto to pull out of her funk. Now, he has expanded. As we go, we will learn his father is dying, he served in Iraq (hey, gotta put this military knowledge I'm learning while the husband is enlisted to good use) and that he is mourning the death of the leads husband just as much as any other, only he did find out about it until years later. I've made him have substance and a little mystery, and I like that. I feel like the more I read, and write, the better I'm getting. And while I may never be the best at grammar, from critiquing others, I'm finding I have an eye for story line, and character development. I got some books from the library about writing a novel, and the first thing 'write a novel in a year' tells us is that to write, you must read, and thats what Im doing. I'm glad I found this site, it seems to promote those ideas as well. And so, after a long, rambling blog, I'm off to bed, gotta drag the husband off the couch, and not wake the baby. Tomorrow, I hope to tackle the gaps!!
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