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Baaaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkk kkkk!!!

Published by Charisma in the blog Maniacal Mysteries Untold. Views: 91

Yes, I'm back. Back, back, back. With a long weekend. Yay. I didn't review my date sheet, and when I did I realized my exams are finishing pretty early. Bleh.

I can't wait for Eid (Arabic for festival), it's coming on Saturday or Sunday, depending on the moon sightings (Muslims go by the lunar calender). Just for anyone to know, it's called Eid-ul-Fitr, understood as the day of giving and rejoicing. We fast for almost a month and then celebrate today as a thanksgiving to God's blessings. I loved Eids :)

So yeah, my exams were pathetic, and I'm not even sure if I'll be coming back to the internet ever again. But hey, I'm optimistic so I'm sure I'll manage I swear I studied hard, really hard, and for those who think I was online in WF all the time, well...how do I explain. God knows I studied more this year than ever before.

The only issue, always, is the last day preparation. I fail to study hard enough, and a more recent problem is sleeping. I hardly sleep, not because I'm studying, because I'm 'trying' to study, and that really messes up everything. My mom doesn't even understand and thinks I don't care. I care a lot, actually. But I'm not a serious folk so yeah, I'm not very caring on this matter.

In general, I got 22/25 in Geo, 19/25 in History (which isn't bad but I get better), 39/50 in Maths (I was expecting 50/50! This was really a painful disclosure), and the other exam marks have not been leaked out. Otherwise, my English went well, but I forgot to write a title for my essay :p, Urdu was also okay but I wasn't elaborate on details, Physics was pathetic, and though I got 48/50 last year, I think I'll get 28 this year. Then there's Biology - i knew EVERYTHING. I wrote everything I had to EXCEPT a 6-mark question I carelessly failed to see! I felt suicidal. Islamic studies was good, though I forgot some points and the teachers are strict, and Chemistry (today) was the toughest so far, and the saddest part is - I studied and slept on time. But I couldn't sleep. In bed at 12, I fell asleep at 2.30. Cool, eh?

So, I'm upset, big time, plus my mom will go all dramatic but i believe there's always a second chance so I'm hoping that my mid-terms go well.
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