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This comes every year, but hey, I've been here for only two. :p I'm personally very ready, and I'm willing to study my way through, though I don't really know what my brain is going to do in the next year. It's really important for me, having being the last year which will decide my career, my lifeline literally depends on it. You can expect activity to go beyond zero from 2009, since I'll be on a long exile from the happy life of mine. However, for now, here's what happened to my goals.

- Enjoy internet - Yup, you tell me ;)
- Watch movies/cartoons - Finished my favorite anime series!
- Write my novel and complete it - Almost there...
- Give a final edit to my other novel and try to find a suitable agent - Nopes
- Record my songs - Nopes
- Learn Arabic - Nopes
- Revise my entire course of past two years, including summer school - Nopes And Yes
- Swimming for a month - Almost a month, tragedies do occur
- Lose a couple of kilograms - LOL!
- Contribute to the household chores - Kind of
- Learn to cook some fancy stuff - I learned a new kind of coffee
- Improve my relations with my family (which I would, if I'd do everything above ) - Kind of
- Promote my religion, study it and spread the knowledge - Yep
- Beautify myself (lol) - LOL!
- Keep contact with my friends - Nope
- Last but not the least...
PROMISE MYSELF TO LIVE A CONSTRUCTIVE SUMMER VACATION. (Something I've been trying to do for the past 3 years. )
^Comparatively, I've been loyal to the above declaration far more than in the past years, so YES!

So have fun with your lives people, I'm still around so don't worry, you aren't spared of my tyrant behavior! MWAHAHAHAHA!

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