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Beanie Babies

Published by The Freshmaker in the blog The Freshmaker's blog. Views: 143

I went to the flea market this weekend with a friend. Our main mission was to find him a sword or three, but we took our time browsing around.

In one stall, I found a basket of Beanie Babies for $1 each. Like many children of the 90's, I collected the hell out of Beanie Babies as a kid. I remember people waiting outside of stores early in the morning to get their hands on the new releases. I remember doing extra chores to get the money to buy the Princess Diana Bear. I remember how the price of a Beanie Baby would skyrocket when it was announced as retired.

I remember being at this very flea market ten years ago, and even here not being able to find Beanie Babies for less than $20 a pop.

Yet here was Chocolate the Moose, Nanook the Husky, and Zip the Cat in a $1 bin. All retired beanies that probably would have sold for over $100 each when I was collecting them. It made me a little sad, and a little nostalgic.

I bought one of the cats for sentimental value.
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