Beans: The Musical Fruit; just let it be

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Today I had a piano lesson. The lesson was going great; with nothing out of the ordinary. I took my seat at the piano bench, and my teacher sat next to me. We were working out some chords for "I've Got a Feeling," by the Beetles. I as usual, was playing the chords on the low register, and my teacher (an old woman) played on the high register; naturally. As we played, the splintery old bench beneath us would creak and wobble; this happened naturally. This lesson was going to be like every other lesson I had with my lovely old lady.
We stopped playing to talk a moment about how to progress to the next bar of the song, and something most unnatural occurred. My lovely old-lady-piano-teacher had passed gas. That is a very polite way of saying it, because in fact she ripped ass. The bench beneath us trembled, and my teacher sort of shook and twitched. She coughed to divert attention away from the drama, and upon doing so farted tremendously.
Laughing was not an option. I nearly bit my tong in half trying to hold back the impending chuckles. My teacher then jumped up and pretended the phone was ringing and left quickly to the next room.
When she came back I noticed she had a new pair of pants on. She sat down pulled up the chart and we began to play "Let It Be," by the Beetles. It was very fitting.
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