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Becca becomes a victim in the flee from Zandathru...

Published by Torana in the blog Torana's blog. Views: 125

On Daniel I. Russell's desperate flee from the Cult of Zandathru, he has landed in America. He found safety in the home of poor Rebecca Besser, who foolishly left her bathroom window open when she headed off to the shops late lastnight.

If only he knew how twisted this woman was, maybe he'd of just hidden out in the shed. Rebecca Besser, who, while seems sweet and innocent on the outside, just wanted to talk about flying brains, preferred weapon choice and how I would want to die! I think something's wrong. Maybe the God of Chaos has already started to change people here? Will Daniel make it out alive? Will he become a victim to her torturous ways? Only time will tell...


  • becca
  • Legacy1306
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