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Been a very Busy Bee

Published by Rem Nightfall in the blog Rem Nightfall's blog. Views: 72

I rarely actually post to a blog, so I am actually posting something serious. Those who love gossip this may be your home. No I'm joking don't take that the wrong way. Don't worry I like gossip just as much as the next person. I've been a very busy boy...busy bee. I have to make a website for my friend's publishing company, don't worry I work there as well, and its turning out to be a nightmare. Me actually making the site is a nightmare. My computer's web design program won't respond any more. Yesterday it was fine and this afternoon it was fine. But when I get back from an evening meeting, its not working. Its really puzzling. Not only that, but I don't think the blue color that I chose is very business like any more. At first we were like awe, and now we are ugh. But that is okay. This isn't a blog entry of pain and sorrow though. I just felt like I needed to update this step in the right direction. This step of business of great things to come, despite the minor set backs I'm really happy and excited.
As I said before, just wanted to update this is my blog. How excited I am about this birth of our publishing company?

Here and Now
~Rem Nightfall
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