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Before Creation

Published by Kate Sen in the blog Kate Sen's blog. Views: 59

- High One, permission to approach on an urgent matter?
- Permission granted. What is going on?
- It's the new writer. He says he has writer's block.
- What?! Doesn't he realize the gravity of the situation? Hasn't anyone explained to him that the continued existence of this universe literally depends on him to keep on writing? It's not like it has to be any good. No one expects him to write well at this stage. Just keep on writing, or else. Every day he does not write, the end of the world is one day closer, and the days get shorter.
- He says he has no new ideas in him.
- Of course, he does not! That's the point. The ideas are not supposed to come from within him anyway. He just channels the creative chi of the universe. It's all been said before, but that is a good thing. He continues tradition and reassures us all that the laws of nature do not need to change yet.
- But he wants to be creative. He wants to be original. He wants to change.
- Let him, if he can! He either is no good, and will fail, and thus succeed in continuing the same old drivel that helps the world keep going round. Or he will succeed. Ah but then he is not as bad a writer as he seems. And then he could help us soar into another dimension. Hopefully one where we would no longer have to rely on writers to survive. That would be nice for a change.
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