Being Rich: 101 Prenuptual Agreement, Stupid.

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Cheating is a bad thing. I get that. It's a betrayal of trust and the emotional, physical, and spiritual investment that goes into it for a variable amount of time. But really, it's not manslaughter or anything close to it. It's about as damning a crime as abuse in the most extreme case.

So why does this unbelievably unfair law still linger around that states when a couple separates for reasons of the man's fault, he is to give her half of whatever he has, regardless of what he has. I understand a smart, intelligent, empowered woman such as women are would have a hard time in the world finding something to do and supporting herself after a lifetime of...uhhh...but realistically, if anything, the husband should, at most, be charged with providing funds enough to get her started on self-reliability that certainly should not have to meet the standards of living she had under him. F**k what she's used to, for lack of a better expression. There's no situation I can think of to where people as rich as Micheal Jordan, Tiger Woods, and every other rich cheater-who-got-caught should have to pay half a freakin fortune to these woman. NONE.

That being said, after you are forced to endure this outrage, report directly to your lawyer and punch him in the face. Where was he on you wedding day where your wealth was banging on the window yelling, "WATCH OUT!!!"? It seems like the simplest thing ever. You have a lot of money...there are a lot of money-grubbing posers out there...prenup. Ok, she may have played that whole trust thing.

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"You never let me near your neck."​

It's a nice form of emotional manipulation, but it can be easily turned. She should be able to trust you enough and applaud you for making a wise gesture. As wise as "inspecting the rug before you knock the boots off it". Anyone who presses you to ditch securing yourself is a shady being or insecure, and even more reason for you to take caution.

Be wise as the serpent, they say. Guard your gold.
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