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While I may be a new author, and most won't read my
first (or second) book, the crux is that without the first
the second won't make any sense.

I know the rule of thumb is that each part in a series
(something I say begrudgingly to a only be wtiting
a duology), is that each should not be dependent upon
any other part. Well then why have a series that is too
easy to follow based on whether you write two parts,
or 50? Is it not the point for their to be a point of ref.
in the first that will put into the context the events that
lead to the latter? Other wise the narrative and plot are
just to simple that even reading the final part will make
the first seem utterly pointless?

IDK, I like a small series ( trilogy) to have a well rounded
and straight forward narrative and storyline between all
parts, otherwise it looks like a TV show where you don't
have to be in on the whole story to know what is really
going on.

Perhaps I missed something, or I like a good middle and end.
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