Betrayal Chapter 15 snippet 2

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I hope he’s stewing out there, Kate thought as she slipped her black and silver jumpsuit on. Because he sure as hell needs to learn some manners!

Taking her towel, Kate used it to dry her hair as she stepped out into the living room. Brindle was sitting on the couch, a finger tapping impatiently as he waited for her. Well if this isn’t a switch, she mused, the agent had to wait on her for a change!

A chuckle escaped her lips as she sat down in a chair across from him. Her wet hair hung around her shoulder limply, the bangs plastered to her temples. She gave Brindle a long, penetrating look as he stared at her. There was a reason why he had come here, she told herself, and why he decided to sneak in too. Now, would he volunteer it or should she drag it out of him.

Dragging it out will be so much more fun, she told herself as a sly smile crossed her face.

Across from her, she could see Brindle swallow hard. He had spotted the slight, sly smile she had, and from personal experience, he knew it wasn’t a good thing. Everyone who had ever been on the receiving end of that smile had learned to regret it by the time she had finished with them.

“So, Thad,” she said sweetly. “What lead you to break into me apartment?”

“I came to talk to you,” he shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Then talk, Thad,” she said, her tone growing softer.

“I know where you can find Reyes,” he said.

Sitting up in her chair, Kate leaned forwards at the mention of her former superior. Yes, she was going to have to leave for Haven in two days, but she was going to pay her dear, old friend a visit on the way. She figured it was the least she could do after the mind-f*** he had given her…oh yes it was definitely the least she could do.

“Are you still working for the bastard?” she asked him. “Because I know you left Intelligence two years ago.”

“Yes and no,” Thad said. “Yes I’m working for him and technically no I haven’t left Intelligence.”

“So you’re working for Johansson now,” Kate leaned back, a hand covering her eyes as she groaned. “That’s just f****** great…”

“I’m not working for Johansson,” he protested. “It’s just that I’m still in the Intelligence game-albeit working for Reyes as a civilian.”

“So you’re making deals with the devil now?” Kate asked him. “How many pieces of silver did it take for you to sell you soul?”
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