Between Two Extremes (A Political View)

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So here I stand, weighing the balance of what is important to me and what is important to my friends and family. I am so tired of being the one standing on the outside, standing alone.

For the most part, I keep my personal political views private. I do this because I get so much flack for being a liberal independent. I am neither for one side or the other, therefore, it is hard for me to choose sides just for the sake of being identified as this or that. I am for people and what is in their best interest, as well as my own. However, because I am not a "conservative" I am somehow less American? I am some how less important because I am not an out right left wing liberal? I don't argue politics, actually, I deplore it. It is a complete waste of my time and the person arguing. If it doesn't help, then it isn't worth the salt in your bread.

This has put me in the crossfire. I am a great supporter of the Healthcare Reform here in the US. I am also, involved in a local group, Jacksonville Healthcare Reform. I make no apologies as I feel that people have the right to be insured for many reasons. Those that fill my life do not want it and that is their right. So why make my life hell as a result of their choice? Division today doesn't seem like the answer, why should I say that I am a left winger when, in fact, I am not. Just to say, I am liberal causes those I love to shudder in disbelief. They wont share important events with me because they believe I will not be interested. This is unfair, I care about what is happening. I care about what they feel, yet time and again I am disrespected for my point of view.

So, my it important to be on a "side"? Is there anything wrong with being on the fence? I have never thought so, it allows one to think objectively about what is happening around them. It keeps the lines open for communication.

Should I mention my grandmother wants me to write an article for her, against the Healthcare Reform? I said, it would be a contradiction of what I believe. Yeah, that went over well. :rolleyes:
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