Beware of Poachers

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I have a dragons mentality. The dragons of antiquity, I mean; Tolkien, St. George, yada yada...I have a treasure and this treasure I guard day and night. I don't like visitors, especially unwelcome ones, and I tend to sit on my treasure and enjoy simply having it rather than actually putting it to any practical use. What's my treasure...ideas. New ideas.

One of the things that will make your story more interesting than most is that you have new ideas; a new look or perspective on something, or just something so mind-blowingly new and intriguing your idea becomes the modus operandi of a number of pop-cults- if not the new emotional center of your reader. New ideas fascinate. To put it another way, anybody can administer Facebook, but very few would have been able to come up with the ideas that made it successful. In the ideas are gold.

So as I am getting psyched to finally be able to post some of my work online and share a piece of mua with the world, I stop and think.

Hey dummy. What's to prevent someone who comes across your writing from...borrowing...your idea.

Hmmm...I don't know, self. Copyright is nice and all but I don't think that is offered here and even if it were, it's TOO easy to sidestep that. A person sees your idea and becomes inspired by induction. They reuse your idea and now it is no longer your idea, but the person who is able to market it first. Seeing as though I actually want to be a writer with something new to bring to the table, I think it best no to leave all my new on the table.

This is not to stoke or promote any paranoia in the site. It's just my kind of common sense. You don't leave cash sitting out in public and you don't leave your diary on the table at school. Therefore, the work I would like to get feedback for the most is the one I cannot post because the hopefully good qualities I hope will bring attention to my story I don't want to become the good qualities of another.

Writing lesson number wise as the serpent, and just as sly.
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