Beyond My Control...

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My grandparents are in trouble. I am one of the few lucky enough to know and love four of my grandparents, as opposed to one or two. Well, life is a fragile thing. My grandmother has fallen and my grandfather had a ministroke that revealed the extent of the brain damage he's had over the years. I really doubt I will have both of them much longer. I hope nothing happens before I can see them in a week.

I also know I cannot give blood. I was bashed for it, horribly, and I hope those people understand how much I loathe their know it all habits. It's not my fault my body cannot give blood. I tried, TWICE, and its beyond my control.
My arm, meanwhile, finally began to retain heat again - the nurses pinched a nerve and my arm lost the heat in it, although I lost no fuctional abilities. The bruise is still there, but it isn't growing in size, just darkening a bit, which is normal.

I have too many projects to deal with...

I wish my friends were back from college...because I certainly have none left with me right now. Sorry to say it, but all of my "soul buddies" graduated without me...why did I have to be born a year behind them?
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