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Big day!

Published by wordwizard in the blog wordwizard's blog. Views: 96

In British Columbia (Canada) we have a minimum of three stages to get your drivers license...

So the first step is getting your learners permit (written test)

next you take a driving test with a instructor and when passed you are a new driver.

You must have your New driver status for two years (I believe?)

Well today I got rid of my new driver status. I took a driving test (the second one) and even though I am huge with baby and had crazy nerves....I passed!

Yay me.
Also I took another big step and finally changed my last name to my new married name!!!

It was a very big day for me, and I am just finally glad that it is over and done with.

Now all I have to be nervous about is that pesky child birth....
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