Bigotry - Who Needs It?

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I'm one of those silly gals who are so very pro-gay-rights. :-D

I'm also one of those mums-to-be (hopefully) who will be extremely happy if their son comes home one day, introducing his new boyfriend. Call me crazy, but I would be so happy to see these two kissing, being happy and comfortable together, loving each other... Tiihii!

Anyway, my only problem would be other people. Growing up gay, can't be very easy. Of course, in Finland, it's lot easier than in many other countries. Finland isn't a very religious country although almost 90 percent of the population say they are Christian. We are just not very... noisy about the whole thing. "Yeah, it's God, he/she probably exists. We must survive in this land of snow and hardship. Shoo you sword people, we do not need your silly ideas. Where's that bear. Let me kill it." And so on. Not much time to think about matters otherwordly when we're trying to survive as a race. :-D

Anyway, got sidetracked there. :D

So, Finland has many gay bars, and Finnish youngsters, oh mi god, they are tolerant. They are just way more tolerant than we were when we were their age. I'm probably now thinking like they do, and it took me ten years to get here. :-D

But there are still people who think it's "strange" and "ugly" and "ewwww" and "not while I'm the king of this hill". Blargh! One of our politicians said about gay marriage: "Soon people want to marry pigs. Will we allow that, too?" WHAT? Let me just tell you... Two people, connection, lots of love, dreams about future, living together, paying bills, going to work, building a home. What is so awfully different about that?

Oh, and I wouldn't mind my dear baby girl falling in love with a girl either. :D That would be hilariously wonderful.

Yeah, it wouldn't be a big deal to me at all. I just want the children to be happy, to grow to be good people. That's enough.
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