Biology Teacher She Can Just Stuff....

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A sock in her mouth.
Okay my biology is the worse teacher ever. She doesn't teach.
And last week we had a little spat at each other.
Today she comes up to me and says "I like you as a person" uh huh right you are going to say that of course because we had a fight.
"I don't want to be at odds with you" yep right we had a fight last so of course you are going to say that.
"Before I have a problem come to her first" let me see can't really do that can I if I don't knwo what your class is going to be.
"There are times I don't feel like teaching" uh huh that is like never, there has never been a time when you have taught the class.
"My students are paticularly tough on Tuesdays" I would be tough if you don't feel like teaching.
Biology teacher you can just shove a sock in your mouth.
I don't want to hear your words.
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