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Black Birds

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 106

I figured I should begin a story and see it through to it's end. Just a short one, but I'll see where it goes. Here is the prologue for "Black Birds"...

It was evening when I saw her. Walking down the beach and behind her Castle Itura towered into the sky. She sat down beneath me- a lingering stare and a trailing smile as she looked into the waves under an orange sunset. Black, ringed hair whipping in the wind, she never said a word. It was the most crippling feeling I ever felt. More pain rose in me then ever in my life. For a long time I tried to contemplate it but no justification for it would surface.

With the last of the light and the evening dying down I finally rose from the sand and laid a hand on my sword. I pulled the blade from it’s sheath, watching her reaction but she remained unmoved. Unstirred. She continued to watch the snset as though watching a fond friend. Or remembering one. Even her eyes shinned with a warmth and maturity he knew wouldn’t die.

“Do you have any last words?” Her smile broadened then. She never looked away, hands around her knees- her jasper blue silk dress rippling over her body. She spoke and her voice rang with patience, assurance, and heart.

“Tell my love I searched for him, but he was gone from me.” Only seconds later with a twist I struck and her head fell, blood flicking into the wind. It was supposed to be over but everyone knew it was the beginning. Looking back at castle Itura he could almost feel those forces stirring. Silent outrage and vengeance that would rock the Province to it’s very core. Whatever part he played in it he was sure the blackest karma would befall him for this but he would meet it like he met all others. With the point of his sword and the grim mask of death itself.
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