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Blacksmith's daughter.

Published by faith morei in the blog faith morei's blog. Views: 305


She that dances like a thousand butterflies
With grace more than I can comprehend, blacksmith's daughter
With her wicked hands she curves beauty, she steals my soul
She loves life, gives life to everything she sets her eyes on.

Nadia, more beautiful than her name, I a tailor's son, I am charmed
She looks at me with a smile, her fingers caress my soul
I am a fool in love, life meaningless without her here
Nadia, she that is brighter than the moon, I adore her.

She who possesses Vulcan's soul, crafty and artistic
She that knows every soldier's weakness
She that holds fire in her hands, even iron obeys her eye
Nadia, she the woman I long to hold, but alas! I am a tailor's son.

The wind whispers her name, the son above reminds me of her
She that I can reach not, a blacksmith's daughter
Forbidden my love is, she that warms my cold empty heart
Nadia! My heart sings with passion whose depths I know not.
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