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First Blog
Well, Being my first blog EVER I am not sure what exactly to write but being as integral part of this society as it is(blogging) I realize it is utterly absurd to ignore such a medium for my writing career/promotion. It seems most the literary crowd, both readers and writers, have completely fallen behind the times whether through complete accident and ignorance or claiming that literature is an art founded in the past and that it should remain classical in all manner including the writing process, I actually know of writers who keep using the typewriter like that somehow makes them a better writer if they don't take advantage of the technology we have developed.

It really is absurd, the writers, publishers and consequently the readers are kept in dark, silent libraries and lounges. The writing is of such a level of supposed quality that it seems entirely unpractical to either write or read and is nearly unintelligible to half the potential audience. And if we question the manner of the composition we are considered dumb, lesser etc.. And if we don't have a literary degree from a major college then how dare we write?

Look at the music and film industry. Two industries that have embraced the world we live in. After all, who cant find a couple friends who play instruments, take advantage of all the editing and sound tools available on the computer and have a song up on numerous networking sites and such within hours, being heard by thousands, with a stroke of luck, millions. The same holds true for movies, a quality camera could be bought with a few friends(or even one persons) weekly pay and taking advantage of the video editing and video sites on the internet to be seen by a nearly endless number of people.

And its not just in the creation of the art either that literature is behind the times. Promotion just as much. Movies and music embrace the social networking sites and the internet as a whole for marketing and are rewarded with millions of sales. Then a publishing company puts a couple posterboard announcements at the local library and maybe even bookstore if their feelin crazy and wonder why only a dozen people showed up for the book signing and they cant even sell four figures.

I fully intend on taking the art to another level. Do I have any illusions of being a celebrity millionaire author? None! Okay well not may anyways, but I am hoping to, in a significant way, make an impact on the way the art is created, delivered and received. So I guess that is my first ever blog, it kinda led to a subject itself. I fully intend to use all avenues in the improvement of my writing, reading and publishing, all avenues including a blog.

Matthew Von Prince, AKA EmmVeePi

PS Watch for my website and FREE short story to be published soon.
PS Sorry if it's not perfect in grammar or punctuation, or if it rambles a little but being a blog I think I can get away with that.
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