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Blog Entry Number One

Published by writewizard in the blog writewizard's blog. Views: 155

So, today I decided to finally post here as a blog. I never realized how to post in a blog before; I am glad to finally realize this.

Today's subject is: English essay. Which I am actually quite happy about. I have three books for the essay, and about 10-11 sources, and 1/3 of the stuff I need done for the paper written up. So I am very, very happy that all that is done. As soon as I finish the works cited page, I'll turn it in. Hope to finish that by today.

I haven't been absent but once for school - which is good - because I miss so much being absent from school. I really do.

I also polished the first two chapters of The Suicide Note quite nicely thanks to all your corrections and comments. Some more research on the medical/social worker's side of things and they are done. Then, the third chapter will be polished.

Random, here I come!
Just joking, of course.
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