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Blog of a nobody...

Published by Hocus Pocus in the blog Hocus Pocus's blog. Views: 58

I've never had a blog before so it's hard to start. This feels a bit like Diary of a Nobody, except this is a blog not a diary. Actually, I am currently reading Diary of a Nobody and that fact may be a good place to start. This is MY blog, the blog of a nobody. The blog of reader, a writer, a future somebody. I don't know if I can really call it a blog though, it's more me making comparisons between people I know in reality and people I know from the fictional world. I think Mr Charles Pooter is a good place to start, him and my sister. My sister being my twin (12 years old) and him being quite frankly a snob, not that my sister is a snob. I first made the association between her and Mr pooter when I had to listen to her rant of about her 'major' position in the school council' on the way home from school, not a pleasent time and indeed a wasted hour. My mother thought, as a reward for doing so well, she could buy her these special stickers to stick onto her laptop, ipod, phone,ect... Of course exclaiming this would be the new 'craze' she went over the top and stuck them on the telly and radio. This was much like Mr Pooter painting everything red, although much to my supprize I'm also going through a craze of red having one wall of my room painted that colour tomorrow. To conclude my Blog of a Nobody, I leave you these five words, 'Keeping up with the Joneses'
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