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Blogs? I have never read nor written one. I imagine the point is to spew forth one's thoughts and emotions in the pretence that virtual reality is a better reality. This of course for some is true and that is equal parts pleasing and equal parts sad.

This magnificent tool of computer and internet when twinned and married together is an all embracing concept. The fact that is does bring genuine happiness to people is great, be that in cathartic blog form or through other (respectable) means. Of course however one cannot compare virtual reality with reality as the two are mutually exclusive. Is it not sad that people also do have to find happiness in the virtual reality? Does that not make it a virtual happiness, which could be read a pseudo or unreal happiness?

Anyway I plan to go home after work this evening as is normal and get back to work on my entry for the strong contest for which ironically I feel I have a strong premise. The problem is however just that. I have a premise. I have issues with being able to complete. This is not because I don't plan out my writing, rather that I am never happy with what I produce. That, and that I have decided to stray from my regular first person narrative and try third person which proves difficult.

This is of course not a surprise because in the same way that we innately use our left or right hands predominantly (most of us), we choose that which is easiest. It is easier for a river to meander than go straight. It will do just that. It is easier for me to write first person narrative thus that is what I've been doing for the last 14 years or so. I don't really count the 10 years before that as conscious writing, rather repetition of what I had seen or read at that time. Like using my left hand to write would be, writing third person is tough to make sound credible. I guess only time will tell whether my toil will have been worth it.

As I said above a blog could and I imagine is in many cases an act of catharsis. Thus I thank myself for reading.
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