Blooming Petals

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A poem.

Many see me in my dreams
My dreams are my music
My visions are my dreams
and those dreams make me
ascend beyond heaven

For me heaven are these visions
of grandeur I see
Music makes me grow from just a boy
To a visionary lunatic

This world a place only I can
See and no one can touch
At times it can be sad, but at times
It is wonderful because then I can live
out my fantasies

My fantasies that only belong
to me, is there something wrong
to see these blooming petals
in the sky as my room
turns into a glowing meadow
through moonlit fields

My visions are my romantics
And my dreams are my insanity
My insanity is my inspiration
All those with great visionaries
are those with great lunacies

All of our art is created
through this eccentric high
other art produces us
always showing itself
as a beautiful blooming petals
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